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Sheet Metal Contracting is a family owned company that was originally founded in 1910 by Ruben I. Hutt in Wilmington DE at 218-1/2 French Street. The company later relocated to Bear DE at 3445 Wrangle Hill Road in 1978 when Ruben sold the company to Bob Bupp and Howard Banning. The company started as an inventors shop when Ruben was 26 years old and continues today as an industrial and commercial manufacturer operated by owner Jeff Bupp.

Today Sheet Metal Contracting Company is made up of a small team of experts providing excellent quality fabrication services. We are here to work with you from the consultation, providing assistance with the design/engineering of your product to the end result with swift turnaround times.

As a manufacturing business we're located along the I-95 corridor serving the Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey areas. Our work can be found throughout North American as well as countries throughout the world.

Fabrication is a skill that is honed from years of experience and our ability to complete your project to specifications is something we excel at. The primary focus of our work has been with industries in the chemical, energy, textile, and agriculture fields. As a company we've worked with DuPont, W.L. Gore, Siemens, and other large industrial corporations for decades. We also work with other metal and machine shops in our area as well as contractors throughout the local area. With our wide range of equipment we're able to serve a large range of commercial and residential projects as well. 

From regular hot rolled steels to the rare alloys and stainless's we work with all types of metal, but also have capabilities with plastics and other materials. If it can be made out of metal then there's a good chance we can fabricate it for you.

Contact us today to visit our 24,000 ft² facility or to get a free quote for your project. 

218 ½ French Street
3445 Wrangle Hill Road
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